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We are a business loan consultancy to helping SMEs to get financing to expand their business needs from Bank. Leave money issue with us and focus your core business

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We have highly trained loan specialist who will help you obtain the right loan product with the competitive interest rate for your business


We will help you to get your loan in the possible shortest time to suit the financial needs of your company

Professional Advisory

Our professional cash flow specialist will conduct a free review on your financial documents and no upfront payment is required


Fund the growth of your business with a wide range of financing solutions tailored to your specific business needs

SME Loan

SME Clean Loan (No Collateral Required)

Term Loan is a traditional loan borrowed from a lender and repays on a regular basis at a fixed rate for a certain period. It becomes a popular financing option as simple, fast processing and easy to apply.

Service 1

Commercial Property Loan

This traditional credit facility is used to financing the purchase of commercial properties. In addition, it can also refinance current commercial properties to get additional working capital for your company.

Service 4

Equipment & Machinery Financing

This machinery financing facility is help SMEs/ SMIs to purchase new or upgrade their existing plant, equipment and machinery with the latest technology.


Project Financing

Project financing helps to meet contract/project financing needs. This used to financing of mid to long-term infrastructure project and industrial projects.


Working Capital

Working capital financing is used to meet the cash flow requirement of business. Overdraft (OD) and Revolving Credit facilities allow you to withdraw additional fund from current account and pay interest on the amount utilised.


Home Loan Refinance

Refinance means replacing your current mortgage with a new loan. New mortgage loan can be customized by homeowner, include the interest rate, loan length in years, and the loan amount.

Business funding made simple.

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